Meet Our Team of Passionate Professionals

Sarah Monch

Occupational Therapist

Special Interests

  • Paediatrics
  • Soft Tissue/musculoskeletal injury
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Intellectual disability



Sarah has been a qualified occupational therapist since 2000 and has conducted medico-legal assessments since 2020.

He professional experience lies in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, early intervention, home support and intervention within schools. She has worked with a large range of paediatric populations with a recent focus on severe and complex disability. Sarah has been involved with The University of Sydney consulting on various paediatric subjects for the undergraduate degree including part time lecturing. She has presented at a range of conferences on specific intervention practices as well the Occupational Therapists role in transdisciplinary care.

Sarah has actively participated in organisational mapping and rearrangement of therapy provision, increasing the effectiveness of service provision during the transition to NDIS systems. She has provided specialised evaluations for services and equipment for clients for the Department of Education, Medicare, and NDIS. Sarah has also developed and run training modules for therapists, health care workers and families.

Sarah is a member of the SIRA panel of health practitioners authorised to give evidence.