“Our people are the finest minds in our field; handpicked for their strong sense of fairness and empathy. Qualities hard to teach, but prerequisite to produce assessments to our rigorous standards.”


Dawn Piebenga
Occupational Therapist, Founder and Managing Director

What We Do

Interface Occupational Therapists are independent health professionals. We assess the ways that injury or illness has impacted a person’s life. Our Occupational therapists are skilled in conducting assessments for people involved in cases related to motor vehicle accidents (in all states), personal injury, workers compensation, dust diseases, medical negligence and public liability.


We have assessed more than 3,000 people over 20+ years

Our Experts

We are experienced and passionate occupational therapists. Occupational therapy focuses on developing and maintaining people’s skills to undertake their everyday occupations, such as work, education, self-care, leisure and domestic duties. Our expertise is in assessing activities of daily living in a person’s home, to understand the full spectrum of their needs.

Our Difference

A team of experienced occupational therapists conducting independent assessments to produce evidence-based reports.