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Occupational Therapist, Founder and CEO

Special interests:

  • Spinal
  • Psychiatric/psychological, including drug and alcohol
  • Amputees
  • Workplace Assessments


Dawn has been a qualified occupational therapist since 1990 and has conducted medico-legal assessments since 1998.

Dawn’s professional experience incorporates a variety of clinical settings including physical (spinal, orthopaedics and burns), drug and alcohol and psychiatric rehabilitation settings. She has gained extensive experience in the assessment and rehabilitation of injured clients under multiple financial claims schemes, including prescribing equipment and advising on home and work modifications.

Her focus is on return-to-work case management, functional assessment and the preparation of medico-legal reports. Dawn engages in ongoing professional development to apply the most current knowledge and skills from the field of occupational therapy.

Dawn is a member of the SIRA panel of health practitioners authorised to give evidence.