WHO are we?

What’s so Revolutionary?

Using the 8 most dreaded words — “because that’s how it’s always been done before” — is no longer cutting it. It’s time for a real solution, a company that can help you work out what really is “reasonable and necessary”.

Interface was formed in September 2009, but Dawn and members of her team have been helping you settle cases since 1996. We wanted our clients to experience something revolutionary — high quality, results-driven and non-billable-hour fee options. We listened to what our clients needed and designed our firm accordingly.

If you want health professionals who boil the ocean to make a cup of tea, well, wrong website, wrong firm. But if you want health professionals who focus on the values you care about instead of their monthly hours targets, you are in the right place. And if you don’t feel we’ve made your life easier or focused on your end-goals, you should take advantage of the Value Adjustment Line included on every invoice. Do your other providers invite you to evaluate their fee with your value?

Different? You bet. But better – for you.

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