What is so Revolutionary?

WE think everything, but YOU decide.

Start with how we came together. We are not a group of clinicians who left one institution to form another. Rather, we are a collection of experienced clinicians who share an abiding belief that medico-legal assessments should be conducted by the relevant qualified health professional. The criteria was:

How committed are you to providing high quality health assessments that will move a case closer to settlement?
How willing are you to only comment on areas that are within your clinical expertise?
How accomplished a clinician and expert witness are you?
How well do you understand that for most clients, litigation is an economic headache, not a chance to take a case to court?

These are the other reasons we think we are different enough to make us worthy to work with you:

1. We focus on the outcomes that are important to you, not hours.

We aren’t shy about our dislike of the billable hour method because it fails to incentivise creativity or efficiency. It also creates an inherent conflict with you, as our clinicians are economically inclined to bill more hours, not less. But, we recognise that not all cases lend themselves to an alternative fee arrangement. That’s why we provide alternative fee options, including straight billable hour arrangements if that is what works best for you and your company.

2. We are committed to Client Service.

…because we know that this is what you want, and what will provide us with your return business. This includes:

Having administrative support dedicated to taking your calls and booking appointments
Having a team that has a broad range of expertise to ensure we can best assess your client’s needs
Providing concise reports that make your job easier;
Being responsive to your needs, whenever they arise.
Giving you recommendations that work in the real world; and
Getting reports to you, on time, every time.

3. Interface is about Collaboration.

Because your client’s needs are often complex and diverse, and our clinicians are committed to getting you a report that means you’ll refer to them again, they will collaborate with their colleagues to ensure their report covers all angels.

So, how do you know we’re serious about this, especially when all firms are saying the same thing? Remember that Value Adjustment Line? So do we. We know that if we fail to serve you, you’ll send us a me$$age.

4. Trust.

No relationship is worth having if there is a lack of trust. If you are not in the business of trusting the health professionals who assess your client’s needs, you should look elsewhere. If you already have health professionals who are successfully assisting you with your cases while focusing on the values important to you; and, if those same health professionals encourage you to adjust their fees to reflect the value you think you’ve received – you are already in good hands. If not, give us a call Contact Us.